Three Phase Separators

Three Phase Separator

Baja Manufacturing’s high-performance 3 Phase Separators are specifically designed to meet a variety of needs. Offered in different sizes, configurations, and materials, we design all of our 3 Phase Separators, with you, the customer, in mind.

When you give us your preferences for measurements and materials, our team of engineers fabricates and constructs each ASME 3 phase separator based on those preferences in a cost and time-efficient manner. We guarantee the best quality and turnaround time in the industry.

Additionally, Baja provides coalescers that meet ASME standards and can be used for 3 phase separation.

Our engineers strictly adhere to all ISO, API & ASME guidelines and place a priority on safety and performance. You’ll get quality control reports from the moment you place your order, including but not limited to all destructive and non-destructive testing processes and results.

When you purchase 3 phase gas separators from Baja you can expect the following features and benefits:

Baja offers special orders on ASME pressure vessels, gas separators, and other oil & gas equipment. We also provide equipment installation and site consultations for slug catchers, 2 and 3 phase separators, and other ASME Div. 1 Section VIII pressure vessels.

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